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Benefits of a Deep Cleaning

Even if you pride yourself on brushing and flossing regularly, you should still come in at least twice a year for a checkup of your mouth, teeth, and gums. If you have advanced periodontal disease, then it is recommended you come in for an additional deep cleaning from time to time. Dr. Stephen Moy and Dr. Sandra Guereca of Moy Dental provide deep dental cleanings to treat gum disease.

How Deep Teeth Cleaning From Your Dentist in San Leandro, CA, Works 

Deep dental cleanings are done on an as-needed basis due to the severity of gum disease that may be present in a patient. This procedure is also called teeth scaling and root planing. It's done when a patient's gum disease is advanced and the gums are pulling away from the teeth. The procedure can take more than one visit to complete.

When you come in for your appointment, we will make sure you are comfortable by providing anesthesia. We will start by removing tartar from each tooth, from below the gum line, and from the pockets formed between the gums and the teeth. Once the tartar has been removed, the dentist will scale the tooth's roots with a unique tool. This method allows the gums to reattach to the tooth as they heal.

Long-term Benefits of Deep Dental Cleanings From Your San Leandro, CA, Dentist

Leaving tartar under the teeth causes decay and bacteria growth. The harmful bacteria slowly eat away at your gumline, leaving pockets between the gums and the tooth. When this happens, dental problems like loose teeth and receding gum lines only get worse. By removing the tartar with scaling and root planing, you reduce the chances of premature tooth loss and infections potentially spreading to other areas of your body.

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