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When To Replace Your Dentures

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When To Replace Your Dentures

While both full and partial dentures are made to last for a long time, they are not a permanent dental restoration. They will occasionally need adjustment, repair, or replacement. Trying to wear dentures that no longer fit or function properly can be uncomfortable and cause you unnecessary difficulties; that's why Dr. Stephen Moy of Moy Dental in San Leandro, California wants his patients to have the proper information about the "shelf life" and replacement of their dentures.

Why do dentures need to be replaced?

The most common reason why dentures stop fitting properly is that the jawbone has decreased in both size and density. This is a gradual process, but one day you may notice that it's become difficult to chew or to keep your dentures secure while you're talking. This is a sure sign you need to contact your San Leandro dentist for an evaluation. Other reasons why dentures need replacement is due to loosening or breakage of the metal clasps, the plastic plate, or the porcelain teeth; this is more likely to happen if you do not store your dentures in a safe place when they are out of your mouth.

When do my dentures need to be replaced?

As with most things health-related, it's difficult to determine when your dentures will need replacement or adjustment. On average, most people can expect to wear their appliances for about five years before a replacement or refitting is necessary. Of course, this will depend on how you care for your dentures and if you have any habits that can contribute to tissue damage or bone deterioration, such as smoking or tobacco use.

Regular dental visits might seem irrelevant if you no longer have any natural teeth. However, it's still necessary to keep scheduling checkups with your San Leandro dentist to make sure your gums, jawbone, and other structure in your mouth are still healthy. It's also important to make sure that your dentures are fitting properly. Dr. Moy can make adjustments or take new impressions to replace dentures if needed. Contact Moy Dental in San Leandro, CA at (510) 351-4030 with any questions or concerns you have about your dentures.

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