By Moy Dental
June 02, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Gum Surgery  

Gum SurgeryAre you considering visiting a doctor in San Leandro for cosmetic dentistry to fix your awkward smile, but you aren't sure which procedure is right for you? Gum surgery may be just what you need. Your teeth aren't the only part of your mouth responsible for a great grin; if you want a brilliant smile, you need great gums too. Gum surgery from Stephen J. Moy, DDS at Moy Dental can help you achieve the beautiful, healthy and radiant smile you've always wanted.

1. Gum Surgery Can Result in a More Beautiful Smile

Whether your gums are too large or they are beginning to recede, if they aren't the right size and shape for your mouth, your smile will be affected. Your teeth will look too short or too long. Oftentimes, this happens gradually, so you don't even realize that your smile has been affected until after you receive cosmetic dentistry from Moy Dental in San Leandro to correct the problem. Thankfully, it is an easy fix with spectacular results.

2. Gum Surgery Can Help Protect Your Oral Health

While many San Leandro residents turn to cosmetic dentistry for the benefit of an improved appearance, gum surgery can help more than just your looks. When your gums begin to pull away from your teeth, your chances of infection increase dramatically. Visiting Moy Dental for gum surgery is a great way to protect your oral health and decrease your chances of needing additional interventions in the future.

3. Gum Surgery Can Relieve Discomfort

Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? A receding gum line may be the problem. When cold foods and beverages touch your tooth root, the result is painful. Gum surgery covers up the tooth root and eliminates the pain.

Whether you are looking for an improved appearance or better oral health, if your gum line is starting to recede, visiting Moy Dental in San Leandro for cosmetic dentistry is a great way to fix it. Call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Moy today.