By Moy Dental
August 08, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Not everyone has a smile that they love. However, with the help of dental implants in San Leandro, California, your smile can be restoredDental implants to perfection. To dramatically improve the smile, Dr. Stephen Moy can perform many procedures including dental implants to help patients of all ages. These implants are used in a variety of ways to improve the oral health of those with various dental problems.

About Dental Implants

There is no tooth replacement choice that has better, long-lasting results. Tooth implants in San Leandro, California help to reserve the tooth-supporting bone that deteriorates when a tooth is lost. This loss of bone is the major consequence of losing teeth altogether.

A small, screw-shaped post is used to replace this root of the missing tooth. A minor routine procedure is done to place the implant with local anesthesia. After a healing period is completed for the gums to heal and to support the post, the implant is topped with a lifelike crown that is custom-made to match the patient’s existing teeth.

Dental implants can replace missing teeth in many ways including:

  • To replace one tooth
  • To replace many teeth
  • To replace all of the teeth
  • To support removable dentures

Poor oral hygiene is the only way that implants will become loose. Flossing and brushing the teeth regularly is important so that a condition known as peri-implantitis doesn’t occur (a bacterial infection). Excessive biting force can reduce the time an implant lasts too. If you have a habit of teeth grinding or clenching the teeth, a nightguard is recommended.

For a long-term investment for your smile and your health, choose dental implants from your San Leandro dentist Dr. Moy today. To schedule an appointment to learn more about the dental implants procedure and whether or not you’re a viable candidate, call 510-351-4030 today.