By Moy Dental
November 08, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are your ready to replace your missing teeth with dentures but aren't sure which type is the best choice for your situation? San Leandro, denturesCA, dentist Dr. Stephen Moy provides a little information about the various types of dentures available.

Full dentures

Full dentures are the type of restorations that most people think about when they hear the word "dentures". The dentures consist of a row of artificial teeth attached to a pink base designed to resemble natural gum tissue. Full dentures are created from a mold of your mouth and rest against your gums. You'll receive the dentures after you mouth heals from your tooth extractions.

Although full dentures are custom-made for your mouth, they will need to be adjusted periodically to ensure that they continue to fit well. Properly fitting dentures prevent slipping and gum irritation that can make wearing dentures uncomfortable.

Immediate dentures

Although you need to wait until your mouth heals to wear full dentures, you can begin wearing immediate dentures minutes after your teeth are extracted. Several weeks before your extraction, an impression of your mouth will be made in our San Leandro office. A dental laboratory will use the impression to create your new dentures. In addition to ensuring that your appearance isn't affected after tooth extraction, immediate dentures also help speed the adjustment process and decrease bleeding.

Implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures are the latest denture option. Instead of resting on your gums, a metal frame connects your dentures to titanium posts implanted in your jawbone. You won't receive your new dentures immediately after your implants are placed in your jawbone, as it takes about three to six months for the implants to bond to the bone. Because implant-supported dentures securely anchor your dentures in place, you'll enjoy excellent biting power and won't have to worry about slipping or gum irritation.

Partial dentures

If you have several missing teeth in a row, you may want to consider partial dentures. The dentures are attached to your teeth with small hooks at either end. Partial dentures can improve your appearance and make eating easier.

Restore your smile with dentures. Call San Leandro, CA, dentist Dr. Stephen Moy at (510) 351-4030 to schedule an appointment to discuss denture options.