By Moy Dental
January 14, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: dentures  

Keeping your teeth healthy is of paramount importance to your long-term oral health. But when the time ultimately comes where your dear chompers become weak and threaten to fall out, it serves as a sobering reminder that even those of us who practice the best dental health routines will eventually fall victim to Father Time.

That doesn't mean you can't overcome the effects of deteriorating teeth, and at Moy Dental in San Leandro, CA, that's exactly what our dental professionals will help you do! Stephen J. Moy, D.M.D., and his associates will work together to turn your toothless grin into a decked-out sight to behold. They provide top-notch options in dentures, which have been shown to reverse the effects of aging itself.

Dentures can help patients look decades younger by providing them with the confidence and the dental appearance of someone half their age. Think about it - how much younger would you look sporting a mouth full of teeth instead of a mouth full of emptiness?

Removable dentures can come in several different varieties depending on factors such as how bad your tooth-loss situation happens to be. Both partial dentures and implant-supported overdentures are unique options for people with not-so-ordinary dental dilemmas. Regardless of the type of denture you choose for your mouth, all of them are easy to put on and remove, and are also completely safe.

So whatever your ongoing dental disaster might be, don't you think it's about time you invested in some dentures that could erase years from your appearance? Whether you've got one missing tooth or a whole row that's gone vacant, dentures have the answer and can be further modified to fit your individual dental needs right here at Moy Dental. So give Dr. Moy a call today and find out why age really can be nothing but a number!